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Utilizing data to inform decisions

As a learning health system, we create tools that transform vast amounts of patient data into systems that improve patient care.

Even before the first COVID-19-positive patient arrived at an HCA Healthcare hospital, our organization knew we needed visibility into our volumes across the organization to identify markets with the largest COVID-19 populations and to allocate resources, such as ventilators, to harder-hit areas.

To meet this need, HCA Healthcare’s Data Science team created the following tools:

  • CoroNATE, a portfolio of NATE (Next-gen Analytics for Treatment and Efficiency) applications, provides real-time visuals of what is happening in a hospital and enables quick visibility into the clinical insight of our COVID-19 patients and the overall impact on our resources at the enterprise, division, market and hospital levels.
  • The COVID-19 Summary Report provides key volume measurements over time.
  • The Vent Capacity Report provides ventilator utilization metrics for each hospital. The Supply Chain team uses this information to identify which locations require more ventilators and which locations have the ability to supply ventilators.
  • Prediction models forecast future COVID-19 volumes in each of our divisions and markets.
person looking at data graph on tablet

By the end of 2020 and in coordination with the CDC, we conducted 73 partner data integrations with state and federal government agencies as well as national health organizations to advance patient care everywhere.