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Partnering with our physicians

HCA Healthcare was founded by physicians who believed the best care begins by giving physicians what they need. Given the challenges of the pandemic, we supported nearly 47,000 active and affiliated physicians in the following ways.

Providing sufficient PPE

Our priority has been to protect our frontline clinicians and caregivers as they treat patients in our facilities. To minimize COVID-19 exposure and preserve PPE, we created intubation teams and helped ensure that physicians have a safe environment in which to restart procedures.

Helping ensure uninterrupted care for patients

We granted rent deferral with owned medical office buildings (MOBs) to address medical practice or business disruption. This helped to maintain availability of medical care and related businesses and services for patients and the community (“COVID-19 purposes”) as permitted by federal waivers. Additionally, we stood up patient unemployment communications to assist physicians with helping their patients and created a virtual surgery scheduler to optimize rescheduling of delayed patient surgeries.

Sharing the latest information

We connected physicians with experts to do live Q&A sessions during our physician confidence and resiliency webinar support series. Town halls were held with CEOs, CNEs and CMOs for primary care, surgeons and rural facility partners to share information and understand needs. Through HCA CARES, we provided education to physicians regarding the CARES Act, including a website and hotline, for COVID-19 purposes as permitted by federal waivers.

To make sure our physicians, residents and fellows are prepared for their careers and trained in the latest medical approaches, HCA Healthcare invests heavily in graduate medical education (GME) programs and we are proud to be the nation’s largest GME sponsor.

After the onset of the pandemic, we supported all clinical students by:

  • Rapidly moving didactic courses and administrative functions to an online format
  • Revamping simulation experiences to provide social distancing
  • Allowing all students to continue their academic progression


GME programs




residents and fellows



A commitment to scholarly activity

Our scholarly activity bridges the gap between compelling evidence and exceptional patient care. HCA Healthcare residents and fellows have access to talented, highly skilled teams of faculty, industry experts and dedicated research teams to guide them through their journey. Residents and fellows produce evidence that drives future practice by leveraging HCA Healthcare’s national clinical data warehouse — the heart of our data ecosystem.

Our experiential learning is rooted in evidence-based medicine that leads to innovative, real-world patient health solutions. Merging the rigor of ACGME accreditation with high patient touch, our residents and fellows deliver care that demonstrates our mission to care for and improve human life.

Dr. Chine Logan

Dr. Chine Logan, DO, MHA, MS, FACS, FACOS
TriStar Skyline Medical Center