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HCA Healthcare Hope Fund

Amidst any crisis, a little hope can make a positive impact and bring much-needed light to a dark situation in someone’s life.

The HCA Healthcare Hope Fund, a colleague-run, colleague-supported 501(c)(3) public charity, supports colleagues through unexpected crises, such as a personal illness, the death of a family member, domestic violence, a disaster or other difficult situations.

Since the Hope Fund’s inception in 2005, HCA Healthcare colleagues have helped deliver over $67 million in assistance to more than 40,000 families when they needed it most.

This past year, at the beginning of the pandemic, the Hope Fund experienced three times as many requests for assistance. Along with COVID-19 came new unexpected needs and hardships for many HCA Healthcare colleagues. The fund quickly adjusted by expanding guidelines to meet these needs, which resulted in providing over $3 million to support nearly 2,000 families with pandemic-related hardships. At HCA Healthcare, we take care of our own.


in assistance to help nearly 5,000 families, the most given in any year since the Hope Fund began


colleagues recorded gifts totaling more than $7 million to help colleagues through the Fund


donated by The Frist Foundation, HCA Healthcare's board of directors, hospital CEOs and other leaders throughout the organization


to support nearly 2,000 families with pandemic-related hardships


provided to assist more than 40,000 HCA Healthcare families since the Hope Fund's inception

Beverly Blount-McKay

Beverly Blount-McKay, a nurse at Doctors Hospital of Augusta, credits the Hope Fund for helping her with medical and daily expenses as she underwent additional surgeries after developing complications from a knee surgery.