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Continued support of our workforce

At HCA Healthcare, we are committed to supporting our colleagues, especially during times of crisis.

In response to the stay-at-home mandates in different states, we expanded our work-from-home (WFH) practices for our nonclinical colleagues to help ensure their safety in the face of COVID-19.

Our focus remains on supporting and protecting all colleagues — whether they are working at a patient’s bedside in our hospitals, in our facilities or remotely.

Financial support

Early in the pandemic, we made the decision not to lay off or furlough any full-time or part-time colleagues, and we have kept this promise.

Pandemic pay

To help prepare for the economic impact of COVID-19, HCA Healthcare implemented and expanded a number of programs to help financially support our colleagues and physicians. At a time when hundreds of hospitals and healthcare systems were laying off or furloughing colleagues, our organization launched a special pandemic pay program, which guaranteed that full- and part-time colleagues in clinical and nonclinical support services who could not be redeployed to other facilities would continue to receive 70% of their base pay if they were not scheduled for their full shifts.


colleagues supported through the pandemic pay program


spent to support colleagues with quarantine and pandemic pay through December 2020


total hours covered for colleagues during quarantine period

TriStar Summit Medical Center Resident Nurses

Katharine Rosier, RN (sitting)
Angie Rife, RN (standing)
TriStar Summit Medical Center