Avery's Story

“The nurse residency program forces you to not be scared. The program has made me feel like I know exactly what I need to know to provide the best and safest care to each person.”

Avery West is no stranger to the emergency room. From skateboarding accidents to sports injuries, Avery was an active kid who got hurt a lot. “There were lots of big moments in the ER for me,” she says—big moments that led to a career in the ER. Today, Avery is an ER nurse at The Medical Center of Aurora in Aurora, Colorado.

“I wanted to pursue nursing, specifically in the emergency department, to help people who have been in a similar situation as myself,” says Avery.

Avery graduated from Galen College of Nursing in spring 2019 and soon learned about The Medical Center of Aurora’s nurse residency program designed for emergency department nurses, known as EDGE. “What attracted me to the residency program is that they were courageous enough to do something a little different,” says Avery. The program gives new graduates the opportunity to work in the emergency department, instead of spending a year or more on a medical-surgical floor.

Avery was accepted into the EDGE program in August 2019. Like many new grads, Avery was nervous to practice nursing “in the real world.”

“When I first got here, it was a little overwhelming,” says Avery. This is where the EDGE program provides invaluable support.

Residents spend six months splitting their time between the classroom and the hospital, gaining clinical skills, leadership knowledge and career advice. After the first six months, nurse residents spend a year working on a capstone project that addresses an area for improvement in their unit—and some of which are implemented at the facility.

Avery is excited by that possibility.

“My goal is to make The Medical Center of Aurora the best facility it can possibly be.”

Six months in, Avery says the EDGE residency program has made her more knowledgeable, efficient, skilled and confident. “The EDGE residency program is definitely one of the best programs out there by far,” she says.

Avery West

Nurse Resident