Focused on Our Patients' Needs

At HCA Healthcare, we are constantly seeking ways to improve more lives in more ways. These are some of the ways that we deliver on that promise.

Patient Financial Assistance Support

HCA Healthcare has a robust program comprising industry-leading support services, policies and practices designed to help our patients who need financial assistance, including price transparency, financial counseling, and patient discounts and protection.


uncompensated care provided in 2019 (estimated cost)

Equity of Care

At HCA Healthcare, we recognize the diverse backgrounds of our patients, partners, physicians and colleagues, and we are committed to providing equitable access to culturally competent, patient-centered care. Some of our initiatives include:

  • Employing equity compliance coordinators across the organization
  • Delivering care in more than 170 languages
  • Focusing on accessibility for those who have limited English proficiency, are deaf or hard of hearing, are blind or have low vision, or have service animals

Physical and Clinical Safety

We invest in clinical studies, state-of-the-art protocols, security technology, colleague training and more for the safety of our patients, our visitors and our colleagues. We use safety science and systems engineering to redesign and improve our clinical processes, and we learn from our extensive network of facilities to develop best practices for safety.

For physical safety, we invest in technology such as cameras, access control points, duress alarms and lighting upgrades. We also employ more than 3,000 healthcare-trained security officers to help protect our sites of care, and we empower our HCA Healthcare colleagues with training in areas such as de-escalation, situational awareness and active shooter preparedness.

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