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HCA Healthcare Hope Fund

The HCA Healthcare Hope Fund is a colleague-run, colleague-supported 501(c)(3) charity that helps colleagues and their immediate families when faced with financial hardship due to natural disaster, illness/injury, domestic violence, death of a loved one or other difficult situations.

In 2021, the Hope Fund reached an exciting milestone with more than $75 million in assistance provided to colleagues since its inception in 2005.

Supporting colleagues through unexpected crises

While on maternity leave after having her second child, senior accountant Katherine Bell found out her oldest son, 2-year-old Harrison, had liver cancer. The Hope Fund was able to help Katherine with medical bills and other expenses while she was away from work for seven months. After a successful liver transplant, Harrison is doing well. “It was such a difficult time and it took so much stress off us when we found out we were getting help. We felt very blessed – it helped in so many different ways, and allowed us focus on what was most important – taking care of our children.”

Katherine Bell and her 2-year-old son Harrison

Katherine Bell, a senior accountant at HCA Healthcare, turned to the HCA Healthcare Hope Fund when her son, Harrison, was diagnosed with liver cancer.

photo of dan finger and daughter

Dan Finger, a pharmacist at HCA Healthcare, credits the HCA Healthcare Hope Fund in helping provide an in-home chair lift for his 1-year-old granddaughter, Ryllah, who was born with a rare genetic condition.

Dan Finger’s story

Dan Finger, a pharmacist at HCA Healthcare, and his wife have custody of their 1-year-old granddaughter, Ryllah. Ryllah was born with a rare genetic condition. “It basically affects every aspect of her development, including the ability to walk,” Dan said. Living in a multi-level home, Dan and his wife had concerns about being able to safely transport Ryllah up and down the stairs without falling, especially as they get older and Ryllah continues to grow.

Dan wasn’t sure whether the HCA Healthcare Hope Fund would be able to assist in Ryllah’s situation, but decided to apply. It wasn’t long before Dan received notice that his family was approved to receive help for a chair lift.

“It helped us tremendously,” Dan said. “I was elated, I couldn’t believe it. It allows us to go up and down the stairs while carrying oxygen and carrying her. It is a big deal.”

With the assistance provided by the Hope Fund, Dan and his wife are able to continue providing care for Ryllah, now with more peace of mind.

“Having that chair took out all of the anxiety of possibly falling and hurting ourselves, her or both. It changed things for the better at our house.”

Dan Finger, HCA Healthcare pharmacist